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A Beauty Buddy is a compassionate adult who attends Beauty Bus visits to assist in brightening the day of terminally or chronically ill Beauty Bus clients and their caregivers. We are in need of adults 18 years old or older who have a few hours a month to provide companionship to our clients.

“I have learned that people are just trying to hold onto a semblance of dignity and humanity in the face of illness that is robbing them of the very essence or quality of life. Volunteering with this population has given me understanding and insight into the challenges these people go through every day, humbles me and helps me to minimize the impact the small stuff that bothers me in my own life.”
~Jamie W., Beauty Buddy and Professional

As a Beauty Buddy, you will accompany a licensed beauty professional to make the visit that much more enjoyable for our clients and act as the liaison between Beauty Bus and the client.  Given the limitations our clients face they are often isolated from the friends, family and the outside world.  Your compassion and companionship gives them something to look forward to and they light up when Beauty Buddies and Beauty Professionals come to spend time with them.

Most In-Home Visits occur on weekdays during normal business hours, while Pop-Up Salons are generally Sundays and Mondays early morning to mid-afternoon. Occasional evening and weekend opportunities are available.

  • Must have daytime flexibility, appointments are scheduled Monday through Sunday 10am to 6pm.
  • Must be able to commit to a once a month visit that last 3 to 4 hours.
  • Must be able to pass a criminal background check.
  • Must have access to reliable transportation with a valid driver’s license and insurance.

Download the Volunteer Application Here (PDF)