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Manly Mondays is Proud to Welcome Hair Stylist Chris Hogg

Chris doing his thing!
Chris doing his thing!








We are very thankful to be starting the week with a Manly Monday interview with Chris Hogg! Chris has been a stylist at Epic Salon in Encino for the last four years, and he is also an Insider for Paul Mitchell’s Giving is My Style philanthropy campaign. Listen up, fellas! He’s got some great tips (…and not just about hair). At the end of the interview, watch a YouTube tutorial of Chris as he teaches us two manly looks!

 Tell us a little about yourself.
I’m just a boy from Agoura Hills and I enjoy the outdoors. I love surfing. It’s my daily medication.
A man and his board.
A man and his board.
I’ve been a stylist at Epic Salon for four years now, and I like every aspect of the salon. My number one priority is developing relationships and learning from my clients. If I can make each one of my clients look and feel better on their way out than they did on their way in –  I’m a happy camper.
Tell us about your daily routine.
I try and get a surf in, and I shower and shave everyday. Moisturize right out of the shower, get dressed next and then cologne and deodorant. Make a quick bite, make lunch and fill up my S’well Water Bottle. Next up – put on my playlist and drive to the salon. I always do my hair when I get to the salon.

Tell us about Paul Mitchell’s Giving is My Style campaign and how you are involved. 
Paul Mitchell will donate 1$ each time someone posts and tags #givingismystyle. Giving back is a huge part of the Paul Mitchell culture, and they are trying to put out there that it’s not that hard to give back: using a hashtag is all you have to do this holiday season. I was contacted by Paul Mitchell to be a PM Insider, and I was immediately was stoked on this opportunity.

 Give us a down and dirty list of your favorite products.
 Moisturizer (Ponds) LOL.
 Deodorant (Speed Stick Ocean)
 Toothpaste (Crest Whitening)
 Razor (Schick Hydro 5)
PM’s Barbers classic
 Moroccan oil dark tones dry shampoo
 Paul Mitchell Marula oil for my beard
Do you believe beauty products have come a long way?
Yes. I think the men’s industry is at an all time high. I love that men have the options with products now to achieve multiple different looks with the same cut. I feel like gel and pomade were the only products really used, and now we have clays, creams, sprays, fibers etc.
Not just pomade anymore, guys!
Not just pomade anymore, guys!


I believe and hope that one day the men’s selection of products will be up there with the women’s product selection.
Ever made a cringe-worthy beauty faux pas?
Yes, multiple. Shaving my beard way to short or uneven is heart breaking.
 I’ve definitely bleached or colored my hair and after 2 days realize it was the wrong move.
You’ve told us you wear cologne. Tell us more.
I say yes, but not overwhelming.  I like to use Bath and Body Works Ocean.
It’s cheap and does the job.

I also mix cologne and woman’s perfume. I love the combo, and I feel it appeals to both men and woman: I get good feedback from it.
What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty to me is feeling comfortable and confident in your own skin.
In the hair world, I want to make each client look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside.
Thank you, Chris! Such a great interview, and we love your thoughtful answers. Love that you are giving back too!
Now let’s  learn a little something! Can you say, “Look sharp for Thanksgiving dinner?”

 Find Chris on Instagram @Christopher.wayne

Manly Mondays – This one’s for the Daddys!

Today Manly Mondays gets a new take on the Lift and Gift of Beauty! We just couldn’t be more honored and excited to have Philippe Morgese, founder of Daddy Daughter Hair Factory and dad extraordinaire here for Manly Mondays! Philippe is doing such great work for families in his Daytona community, and he just couldn’t be more warm and awesome about sharing with our Beauty Bus readers. Let’s meet Philippe and hear more about D.D.H.F!
Philippe and his lovely daughter Emma
Philippe and his lovely daughter Emma
1. Tell me about your the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory and how it started.  
The Daddy Daughter Hair Factory was a late night thought I had when I found myself thinking about a friend that I knew was struggling with hair. I started messaging my friend’s with daughters to see if they would be interested in learning how to do hair. All of them said they would come to a class if I put one together. At this point I started contacting people I knew in the salon business to see if anyone would lend me the space to hold a class. After a few people said no and some people ignored my request, I had a friend mention the international academy for hair in South Daytona. I contacted the owner, Mez and he was very receptive to the idea. So I set a date and winged it.
Serious father-daughter bonding!
Serious father-daughter bonding!
2. How did you find other fathers who were interested? How did you spread the word?
I had a few friends that were able to make it and I made a post on my Facebook about looking for dads that wanted to learn hair, the class filled up that day.

3. What sort of feedback do you get from fathers and daughters who have participated?
 The response has been fantastic! The daughter’s are requesting the dad to do hair and the dads are sharing pictures online. It’s very heartwarming for me to see the influence it has on their lives.
Daddy’s share attempts and successes alike on FB!
Daddy’s share attempts and successes alike on FB!
4. How did you learn all of your hair trickery?
I’ve learned my hair skills from watching tutorials on YouTube and recreating styles from pictures I saw online. It started with very basic ponytails but over the years of doing her hair every day, I learned a thing or two 😉
Philippe interacting during a class
Philippe interacting during a class
5. What are your favorite products and accessories?
I’m in love with So Cozy products. They are sold at target or online, but I found the extra cost to be worth it. Emma loves their detangler and their brush. I also like using the styling cream to control fly away hairs :).
So Cozy products
So Cozy products
6. What would you tell and dad who might be intimidated about working with his daughters hair?
Learn how to detangle properly and get the tools you need.
7. What does beauty mean to you?
 Real beauty is a confidence that shines from the inside out. I wouldn’t consider myself a beauty expert, but I find happiness to be very beautiful and when I do my daughter’s hair, it makes her happy :).

I’m currently doing bi-weekly classes in my town to help dads out, and I’m attempting a few mom and daughter classes to see if they can benefit.

I’m not a professional, I’m not even that good at teaching. I have a big heart though and my intentions are good, so I let those things guide me. I’m also grateful that my daughter is happy to help. She really is the rock behind it all :)

Thank you, Philippe and Emma! You are an inspiration, and we are so glad to know you!

-The Beauty Bus Team