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A Beautiful Volunteer Opportunity

Are you or someone you know the type of beauty professional who wants to make a difference in the life of a person with terminal or chronic illness? The type who wants to make a difference in your own life?

Refer your beauty professional, share your passion for the organization, and call us to connect. We want to make a difference with you!

Beauty Bus Volunteers bring a big impact on the well-being of our clients and caregivers. So many of our clients’ mobility is based on assistance – walkers, wheel chairs, or mobile devices that also function as units for speaking. To make an appointment in a salon, prepare for the outing, get to the location and navigate through tight quarters in between inaccessible chairs or doorways can take all the excitement out of a day of beauty. Then there are clients in the midst of receiving treatments for a condition that takes all the strength and motivation one can muster, and even thinking about getting to the salon becomes a non-priority.

With all these obstacles, clients never give up their personal desire to feel good about themselves, even when the timing may not be right for a manicure or facial or even a much needed haircut. Think of all the ways that an in-home Beauty Professional and Beauty Buddy volunteer can ease the difficulties of managing these obstacles and make a real difference in the every day life of a Beauty Bus client, while creating a benefit for themselves:

  • Beauty Professional Volunteers deliver needed services for people that cannot access the specific services on their own — in-home clients appreciate the small boost that can be provided with a new hair style, the hair lifted off their neck after a fresh cut, a bright spot of color on their nails, the cleanliness of post-pedicure feet, the power of touch through a facial or seeing themselves again for the first time with a made-up face.
  • Beauty Professional Volunteers are offered an opportunity to practice their technical skills and interpersonal communication – two keys to a successful career in any field.
  • Beauty Professional and Beauty Buddy Volunteers keep clients and their caregivers connected to normalcy and the outside world – the freedom of the old routine missed since becoming home bound or exchanged for hospital visits.
  • Beauty Professional and Beauty Buddy Volunteers connect, build, support, engage and strengthen relationships with our clients who do the same in return. Many of our volunteers and clients form bonds through their time spent together in the clients’ home, and professionals are regularly requested to return.
  • Beauty Professional Volunteers not only gain regular clients, but can receive compensation for their time. A reduced rate for each service is offered to any licensed Beauty Professional and can be a nice compliment to income.
  • Volunteers contribute directly to their communities – whether a Beauty Professional or Buddy, our volunteers have a face-to-face interaction with clients, and can be assured that each moment spent together is a moment that positively impacts that client and caregiver’s life, as well as the volunteers.
  • Volunteers educate the public on the benefits of in-home beauty and grooming treatments – feeling good about oneself can work wonders on motivation and every day energy – and engage other potential volunteers to see what difference they can make. Why wouldn’t you share the things you love with the people in your life? Group volunteering can be fun, satisfying and bonding for everyone involved.
  • Volunteers assist in moving the organization forward – from organizing donated product to putting together Bags of Beauty to send out to clients living in other states to brainstorming new ways to help clients get the most out of Beauty Bus services, extra hands are always welcomed. Being a part of the growth of an organization can strengthen resolve, resumes and dedication to future tasks – all attributes of a positive volunteer experience.

Consider the difference you could be making… Consider the difference your beauty professional could be making…

Next time you visit the salon, get your nails done or stop by the makeup counter at the mall, consider asking how this person might be able to make a difference in the life of someone who cannot come to them. Consider the difference he/she would be making in their own life.

Encourage your beauty professional to join Beauty Bus and assist us in bringing beauty home to the many people who deserve to look and feel beautiful in this time of need.

Unseen Statistics on Caregiving

More than 34 million unpaid caregivers provide care to someone age 18 and older who is ill or has a disability – the majority (83%) being family caregivers or friends, and neighbors of all ages who are providing care for a relative. Caregivers report having difficulty finding time for one’s self (35%), managing emotional and physical stress (29%), and balancing work and family responsibilities (29%). More than half (51%) said they do not have time to take care of themselves and almost half (49%) said they are too tired to do so. With such a large population of people in the country caring for a loved one, you may be reading this and seeing yourself in these statistics. For one of our client’s caregivers, the statistics tell her story as well. But what about the good? These numbers haven’t touched on the beauty of caring for another. What are the benefits of becoming a caregiver, giving up a bit of your life to make another life full of quality and joy?


Shelley had been a caregiver for some time before her elderly mother passed away, and with an ending marriage on the horizon, it was time for Shelley to move on to a new life. She began to look for a new place to live, finding an ad for a roommate that seemed like a great fit. Shelley and James hit it off, and agreed to become roommates.

Two days before Shelley moved in, James suffered a stroke. Because of her situation, the agreement to live at James’ house, and her familiarity with basic medical care procedures, Shelley agreed to take care of James. What was simply a place to live, had turned into a new, albeit familiar, role – taking care of another person. Shelley embraced her new role as caregiver.

“James seems to be very calm and cool about life.  He does not panic; he is a “let it be” kind of person, and despite his condition, is almost never stressed. He handles stressful situations differently than most people.”

As a result of being James’ caregiver, Shelley’s respect for the elderly has deepened and she has taken the opportunity to learn from James.

“Taking care of James has been great but the toughest part was when someone else moved into the house with us, and I had to adjust to living with this new person.  It was tough because on top of all the responsibilities I had for James and myself, I now have someone else that I’m looking after as well.”

Shelley has taken from James a lesson in letting things go and not complaining as much.  The experience has also taught her how to be more disciplined, thinking through what she wants to say more carefully in order to best convey what she wants to express.  Shelley says she now goes the extra mile for other people when she wouldn’t have before. She is more compassionate and does more things out of love.


As a caregiver, what are the unseen benefits you experience? How has your life changed, for the better, through your attention and care towards another who cannot care for himself?

~Co-authored by Darcey Nourayi, Intern